NETxAutomation KNX OPC Server

NETxAutomation KNX OPC Server 3.5

The NETx KNX OPC Server provides access to KNX networks
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With the NETx KNX OPC Server you have access to KNX networks, KNX devices and their data points. As OPC Data Access 2.0 server, KNX data points (KNX group addresses) are mapped to OPC items which can be accessed by any OPC client. Moreover, it is possible to add additional control functionality, that is not available in the KNX system. For this, server tasks, timers, response events and scripts are available.

Through its powerful and scalable server engine, the NETx KNX OPC Server is a reliable standard solution for every KNX project. By using the user friendly NETx KNX OPC Studio and the integrated ETS import, the configuration is quite simple. The standardized OPC interface allows to integrate KNX data points into visualizations or other management clients.

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